Fincas Roque is a company dedicated to buying and selling, rent and promotion of properties, specialists in North Mallorca with more than 30 years of experience. Fincas Roque was created in 1978 establishing itself as one of the first and most well-known estate agents in the sector. Thousands of customers have put their trust in us when selling or renting a property and and many of them have remained loyal customers who form a part of our circle of friends. During more than 30 years our customers have returned time and time again to work with us in order to become first time buyers, or buyers of a second or third property...
At Fincas Roque you will find a wide range of properties where we are confident that we will you the most appropriate home to suit the needs of your family. You will feel advised at all times and we will be vigilant to look after your interests, we will take charge of all of the necessary procedures to ensure that you achieve a satisfactory outcome. Fincas Roque offers two offices open to the public and some thirty colaborations on both a national and international level. We participate in the main trrade fairs in the sector, we protect our portfolio in the different emerging markets and have a presence in the main real estate 'gateways'. Fincas Roque is an estate agent which is constantly evolving in order to offer the best and most competitive service possible.

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